The Meat Locker

i have been asked to open a little meat kiosk next to my friend’s double decker vintage clothing bus, Erin had mentioned to me that while she is working she notices a lot of dogs who stop at her bus, are walking by or are going to one of the neighboring businesses. she has been trying to make her part of the parking lot have a “roadside attraction” feel, where people and dogs would want to hang out. this is where i come in. together we came up with the idea of a small shed that would carry impulse dog items. things that one would want to keep their dogs busy while they have a drink or two. right now it is stocked with:
water bottles
fold-able water bowls
chuckit toys
cheapy leashes
bully sticks
pig ears
and a couple other treat options.

it is a 2ft x 6ft x 6ft tall custom built cedar shed built for us by an awesome guy in olympia washington named dan @

the Meat Locker is open as of now and will have the same hours as the Lodekka bus since those ladies will be running it for me. grand opening party coming soon!!!

ok, enough babble, check out the pics…the sign is missing in these, so please dont judge.

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The Many Uses of Herbal Tinctures

In the instances of allergies, infections and urinary crystals a healthy diet is the first step towards a solution. As we all recognize the importance of a healthy diet, some pet owners find that diet is not the only answer. This is where introducing an herbal tincture to your dog’s diet may be a useful decision.

Here at Meat we carry awesome products from a company called Animal’s Apawthecary. Here is a brief description of a few of our favorite tinctures.

Phytomucil– Comprised of marshmallow root, licorice root and slippery elm this tincture is used for symptoms of constipation, diarrhea and gastrointestinal inflammation. Also useful for coughs- aka kennel cough!

Goldenseal/Echinacea– This tincture is great for boosting the body’s immune system and fighting infections. Also great for dogs suffering from yeast problems. Known as nature’s strongest antibiotic, this product should be used no longer than 2 weeks at a time and use on puppies/kittens under 12 weeks of age is not suggested.

Tinkle Tonic– This tincture is made up of couchgrass root, marshmallow root and echinacea. Its used to soothe, lubricate, fight infection and reduce inflammation in the urinary tract and to aid in the removal of urinary crystals.

These are just a few of the options available through this company. If you have an animal struggling with ailments not fully cured by a change in diet, come in and see us to learn more about these and other great products!


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Super Rad AND Natural Anti-Septic

Boss lady required us to read the following book: The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care by Cj Puotinen. There is a lot of amazing information in the book, but there was one recipe that caught my eye:

15% Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic Solution-
2 tbsp. full-strength tea tree oil
4 tbsp. 80-Proof vodka, vegetable glycerine or sulfated castor oil
Shake or stir well and let the mixture stand for 5 seconds. If a film of oil floats to the top, add more liquid and shake again. When no oil floats to the surface, pour the solution into a measuring cup and add enough
* aloe vera juice or gel
* herbal tea, such as comfrey or calendula
* pure water
* or any combo of aloe, tea and water
to fill the cup to the 3/4mark. At this point your solution will be approx. 15-percent tea tree oil

The author notes that this procedure can be done with any essential oil.

For those feeding raw: you can spray this solution on any surface that your hands or the raw food has touched!

I highly recommend this book for many, many recipes and great information about pet health.

Happy Disinfecting….
Professional Meat Pusher

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Two Great Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season!

Feeding Hungry Animals is Awesome!

For only $20 you buy a 15 lbs. bag of Solid Gold Millennia which we donate to The Pongo Fund for dogs (and their people) who are in need of free pet food. The Pongo Fund’s function is “Oregon’s Emergency Pet Food Bank. We work for the day when no dog or cat goes hungry simply because their families cannot afford to keep them fed. By providing emergency pet food relief to those in honest need, we succeed in reducing shelter populations and keeping people and their pets together.”

Doggies Need Presents Too!

Our annual Family Dogs New Life donation tree is back!  Family Dogs have many dogs who are in need of toys, beds, treats, and accessories this season.  On the donation tree you will find a card with  a picture of the doggie and what their holiday wish is.  Buy it here at Meat and we will donate that item to Family Dogs New Life because Doggies Need Presents Too!

Thank you!

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hey, it’s holiday time and that means spoil those cats and dogs. we have some great new fleeces and coats from ollydog. we also brought in some super cool water bottles for you and your pooch that allows you to share water, not slobber.
one of our customers just came out with an amazing bed called Zunii Dog beds, made in the USA out of mostly recycled products. these beds are the only bed you will have to buy because you are able to replace any part that gets ruined via their website. these are super durable beds made for the active family with an active dog. check out the website and then come in to examine them in person. we can show you what they are made of and you can order directly through us with pick up guaranteed in a couple days.

also gefilte fish are back for the holidays!!! when you squeeze them they say ” oy vey!” one of the best gifts my dogs were ever given and now i can’t have a december without them at the shop.

that’s all for now, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your loved ones furry or not!!!


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What I Feed and Why Pt 1

Howdy, I am the noob of the shop, and as thus I get to write a wonderful blog about what I feed my animals, or as we say at my house, “fuds for Dougs.”

My name is Pong Wolfgun, my research focus is Alltagsgeschichte and social and cultural history of the German Democratic Republic. I play soccer for FC Portlandia, brew beer, roast coffee, and ferment wine. I am vegan and my dogs eat raw.

Now for the important part. Fuds for the Dougs. This is Chicken (full name, Chicken Salad Sandwiches) and Henry (pronounced “Henri”). Both are rescues, love snuggles, and protect the cats and chickens at my house (but will let you steal my bike off the front porch).

Their raw food is portioned into blue and white Tupperware purchased from Ikea. Inside are two meals, or one feeding. I like to mix up the main protein but keep everything else pretty consistent. For example, breakfast is.
2oz duck/guinea hen/ little child/ etc. The protein source is what changes, not the weight.
1oz cow pie or tripe
1 chicken neck
1 chicken foot (for some mildly disturbing reason this is the only part of their meals that my chickens actually run to and try to eat. Zombie chickens?)
Veggies (carrots, zucchini, broccoli, squash, lettuce, kale stems)

It is not uncommon for me to add water to their bowls before the foot/neck and mix/mash the ground with the water just cause.

I am lazy though and have a small freezer. As a result my dougs also eat kibble. At the moment Acana Grasslands. This is their dinner. I add powdered wheatgrass, MSM crystals, coconut oil (the kind I use to fry my food), flax oil, and or nutritional yeast. If you believe in wheatgrass, you know it can cure everything from acne to aids. All I know is that it makes the dogs go crazy for their kibble. They are pits and prone to joint issues, hence the MSM. The oils, especially the coconut, make their coats shiny and keep their skin from drying out and getting flakey, Henry had bad skin until we started feeding raw.

My cats refuse to eat raw. One of them, Nonnies, is the queen of the house and has made it clear that I should not place raw meat near her eating station. Even the chickens know this. The other, Katcat (full name Peanut Butter & Jelly) we found abandoned under my old back porch with her umbilical cord still attached and eyes shut; her first bit of solid food was her namesake – the name came first. Henry raised her and she used to sit in his food bowl and get “dibs” on the good pieces. Every now-and-then she will eat some of the raw food, but most of the time junkyard cat will just pass for curry or Tiger Balm instead. She likes things spicy.


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September NEWS!!

we now carry the whole feline Primal line which includes chicken/salmon, beef/salmon, turkey, quail, rabbit and pheasant. we have Northwest Naturals beef for cats and the Vital Essential Chicken for cats  in stock. we are also looking into another brand out of florida called Felines Pride,, it is a bit more costly than Rad Cat but is similar in the fact that it also uses no fruits/vegies and offer a cornish hen and a rabbit formula. we are asking customers if this is something they want us to bring in. Nature’s Logic is the last new product that we are carrying,, they are a product that can be used for either cats or dogs and they use no synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Second Bit o News: Chicken, Kaig and Heidi (me) are going to Las Vegas on the 13th-15th to check out new products at SuperZoo ( giant pet product expo).  feel free to email and let us know if there is anything in particular you want us to find for you.  as of now we will be looking for new collars/leashes, tough toys, long lasting chews, and large training sausages that don’t have grain, sugar or by-products in them.

And Finally: Meat will be closed on September 24-25 for a employee appreciation camping weekend.  thank you so much for understanding that we all need a little break together.  we will be back open on Monday the 26th at 11:00am to help get you and your pets back on schedule.

I hope that you all have been having a great summer and thanks again for supporting MEAT!!!

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