What I Feed and Why Pt 1

Howdy, I am the noob of the shop, and as thus I get to write a wonderful blog about what I feed my animals, or as we say at my house, “fuds for Dougs.”

My name is Pong Wolfgun, my research focus is Alltagsgeschichte and social and cultural history of the German Democratic Republic. I play soccer for FC Portlandia, brew beer, roast coffee, and ferment wine. I am vegan and my dogs eat raw.

Now for the important part. Fuds for the Dougs. This is Chicken (full name, Chicken Salad Sandwiches) and Henry (pronounced “Henri”). Both are rescues, love snuggles, and protect the cats and chickens at my house (but will let you steal my bike off the front porch).

Their raw food is portioned into blue and white Tupperware purchased from Ikea. Inside are two meals, or one feeding. I like to mix up the main protein but keep everything else pretty consistent. For example, breakfast is.
2oz duck/guinea hen/ little child/ etc. The protein source is what changes, not the weight.
1oz cow pie or tripe
1 chicken neck
1 chicken foot (for some mildly disturbing reason this is the only part of their meals that my chickens actually run to and try to eat. Zombie chickens?)
Veggies (carrots, zucchini, broccoli, squash, lettuce, kale stems)

It is not uncommon for me to add water to their bowls before the foot/neck and mix/mash the ground with the water just cause.

I am lazy though and have a small freezer. As a result my dougs also eat kibble. At the moment Acana Grasslands. This is their dinner. I add powdered wheatgrass, MSM crystals, coconut oil (the kind I use to fry my food), flax oil, and or nutritional yeast. If you believe in wheatgrass, you know it can cure everything from acne to aids. All I know is that it makes the dogs go crazy for their kibble. They are pits and prone to joint issues, hence the MSM. The oils, especially the coconut, make their coats shiny and keep their skin from drying out and getting flakey, Henry had bad skin until we started feeding raw.

My cats refuse to eat raw. One of them, Nonnies, is the queen of the house and has made it clear that I should not place raw meat near her eating station. Even the chickens know this. The other, Katcat (full name Peanut Butter & Jelly) we found abandoned under my old back porch with her umbilical cord still attached and eyes shut; her first bit of solid food was her namesake – the name came first. Henry raised her and she used to sit in his food bowl and get “dibs” on the good pieces. Every now-and-then she will eat some of the raw food, but most of the time junkyard cat will just pass for curry or Tiger Balm instead. She likes things spicy.



About hmeat

i am the owner of an awesome pet supply store in portland, oregon called MEAT.
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One Response to What I Feed and Why Pt 1

  1. Michael says:

    Fun read – your dogs and cats are living a great life !
    Katcat thanks you, every day, I’m sure.

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